giovedì 11 agosto 2011

LOTD 135#

On kevhin: 
hair : [CheerNo] Hair MAX Dark
Tatto:Pekka. I love fucking all my bitches NEW!
tattoo arms: SOURIRES - Moonlight TATTOONEW!
pants : LooP *GiGa / jeans / pants / male NEW!
 Piercings : .Pekka. Smack Piercings UNISEX NEW!
shoes: : *ordinary* -Atelinae- (target)
tongue:  LooP *dollar tongue NEW!
On LuNaess: 
hair: [e] Changes - Rich Browns
   skin: *League* Sia Fair -Natural NEW!
    tongue:  LooP *dollar tongueNEW!
 Pants: LooP *GiGa / grey / pants / femaleNEW!
 tattoo: .Pekka. I like to play with knivesNEW!

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