mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

LOTD 157#

hair: [ 69 ] SONIA 02 - Chestnut Collection
hat: AJA - BunBun Hoods - Green
scarf: AITUI - Warm & Safe Scarf [Split Pea Soup]
sweater: *ARAI* V neck knit_green
pants: Spirit Store - Hellena baggy pants unisex/black NEW!
shoes: *Base13* SuPeR CoMiC SuPrAs's Contents

martedì 30 agosto 2011

LOTD 156#

On Kevhin: 
 Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Khaos [Blacks] NEW
sweater:*ARAI* Nylon parka_black
T-shirt:C.Smit - Lazy Tank Top - WayOfLife - white NEW!
pants: :+: nerveux :+:        .: Sarrouel (Black) :.
Shoes:*ordinary* -Tarsius-  CP Limited edition
tattoo : .Pekka. Broken Heart  tattoo NEW!
Necklace: **Stash** Rockstar Necklace NEW!
On LuNaess: 
Waist: Stole Set – =IZUMIYA= 
short: *COCO*_Gift_Tee&DenimShorts
T-shirt: [ 2byte ] Monster tee (Yellow)
sock: =Zenith=Frankel Sweater Sock(White)
shoes: ::LEO-NT:: SPRING BOOTS [white]

lunedì 29 agosto 2011

LOTD 155#

Hair:[Shag] - Solitary Man - Monochromes
jacket: ::GB::Military shirt(OLIVE) For sale only 50L$!
T-shirt: NANUK arn worn sweatshirt grey/brown
pants : :+: nerveux :+: .: pants [oo2] :. SHIMANEW!
tattoo : .Pekka. Broken Heart Red tattooNEW!
shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

domenica 28 agosto 2011

LOTD 154#

On Kevhin:
Hair: LooP *Jerry Hair / BlackPack For sale!
T-shirt:SOURIRES - Yes! BANANAS! (Shirt/Homme) NEW|
sweater:::GB::OPEN HOODIES (Dark Gray)?  50 linden
pants: LooP *KickOut Pants V2 / grey / male NEW|
shoes: Customizble Birraz Sneakers BLK prod(HUD INCLUDE)
tattoo : [GLUE INK] *~Punked sleave tattoo~*
make up : NANUK sunscreen full
On LuNaesS: 
Hair: ++AY.LinE++Nico [[Coffee roll LinE]]
tattoo: .Pekka. Happy Dj  tattoo NEW!
sweater: *ARAI* Nylon parka_glay
T-shirt: .:VILLENA:. - Ghost T-shirt
Pants: LooP *KickOut Pants V2 / grey / female NEW!
Pose: :F: The strongest CP NEW !

sabato 27 agosto 2011

LOTD 153#

Hair:**Dura-Game**02 FATNEW!
T-shirt: C.Smit - Lazy Tank Top - OmgAkaWtf - whiteNEW!
panta : *Muism* [Skinny Roll-up Cuff Jeans]_Indigo
shoes:*ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition
tattoo : AITUI TATTOO - Vintage Hawaii /Upper Body/
necklace:**Stash** ::TFG:: NecklaceNEW!

LOTD 152#

Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls 18(Black)
Shirt:[Sleepy Eddy] Denim western shirt (Blue)
T-shirt:.:villena:. - B&R Love Tshirt NEW
pants : graph* corduroypants(navy)
Shoes: *ordinary* -Atelinae- (target)
tattoo : .Pekka. Code I love you tattoo NEW
piearcing : .Pekka. UnderLip Plugs UNISEX NEW
Camera: **Stash** Digital SLR Camera NEW

venerdì 26 agosto 2011

LOTD 151#

hair:!lamb. Poppyseed - Grayscale Pack
make up :( r )M ~ (Deco) Makeup ~ No.07~FROST
scarf:(Milk Motion) My vintage scarf (heart)
tattoo:.Pekka. Skull pink & black Tattoo NEW!
Jacket: The Secret Store - Eglantine - Beige Suede
Jeans:Spirit Store - Asia jeans leopard
Bag & Shoes:R.icielli - TDR THE PYTHON set

LOTD 150#

Hair: (fd) Olivia Watches Melrose Place (Earth Pack)
hat: {mon tissu} Feather Wrapped Fedora ~ Cream
T-shirt: C.Smit - Lazy Tank Top - Stripes - lightgrey NEW!
pants : *COCO*_CargoShorts_Stone
sandal: AOHARU_WALK_MeshBeltSndals_Black_[BOX]
necklace:Kari - Tat Anchor necklaceNEW!
hair face: NANUK fillip 'stache

mercoledì 24 agosto 2011

LOTD 149#


Hair: [taketomi]_Noa_Blacks
Hat: {theosophy} Waterbeck Hat (Plain)
Shirt: [ NERD.P ] Poni-Neckroll Tee 01. New
Pants: *Connors* CHINOS MOSS New
Sandal: [Sleepy Eddy] Gacha sandal (Suede Blue)
Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO - Vintage Hawaii /Upper Body/
*Connors*  BOB BROONO

martedì 23 agosto 2011

LOTD 148#

Hair: [taketomi]_Noa_Blacks NEW
Jeans: *FIR & MNA* The 1977 Jeans Dark Was
Schoes: [ NERD.P ] loafers SKY
Necklace: napoliy Antique Necklace 02 (Coin)
Tattoo: Pekka. Code Fuck you Bitch NEW

LOTD 147#

Hair: !lamb. Wild Nothing - Honeycomb Roots
Tattoo1:.Pekka. Guitar TattooNEW!
Tattoo2:[GLUE INK] *~Punked sleave tattoo~*
Dress: Izzie's - Belted Dress blackNEW!
shoes:KristicA - Evgeniya ballet black
Bag:{*I <3FashiOn*} - City Bag

lunedì 22 agosto 2011

LOTD 146#

Hair:*Drot* - The Dex - Black Ice
Hat: DECO - Patrol Cap - Black
T-shirt:: ::[ Cool Poison ]:: FREE!!
panta : ::[ Cool Poison ]:: Regular_short NEW!
Belt:~Pepper~ Chained BeltNEW!
tattoo: .Pekka. Die Bitch !NEW!
Necklace: [[SHADE THRONE]] EL ROSARIO (black wood)

domenica 21 agosto 2011

LOTD 145#

Hair:**Dura-Girl**24(Black) NEW!
Tattoo: .Pekka. Star TattooNEW!
sweaetr: [JEM] Sweet september jacket -black- NEW!
pants: [SOUP] Funky
makeup : my picturesque facepaint; LuccaNEW!
shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Necklace: ~Pepper~ BloGGer Bracelet Add onNEW!
Bracelets:~Pepper~ Bracelet SET NAME - Butterfly HandNEW!

venerdì 19 agosto 2011

LOTD 144#

Lotd 144

Hair: *DROT* Dex - Black Ice
Shirt: [ NERD.P ] Scoop Neck T-Shirt no09 GACHA
Pants: [*El Ganso+REDGRAVE*] Pants Herringbone w. Band -Beige-
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Solas Shoes Blue Mens GACHA
Sweater: AOHARU_KnitON_Brown NEW
Bag: [Sleepy Eddy] Denim tote bag 02
Piercing: .Pekka. Spinner Piercing UNISEX NEW
Tattoo: .Pekka. Rock and Roll Tattoo NEW

giovedì 18 agosto 2011

LOTD 143#

lotd 143
On Kevhin
Hair: **Dura-BOY 25 **FAT NEW !
Shirt: [ NERD.P ] Striped Henley Tee Brown NEW !
Pants: [Iruco] Hemp pants (cream)
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Twine Shoes FLF Pack 2
Tatto: .Pekka. Guitar Tattoo NEW !
Piercing: .Pekka. Crankie piercing UNISEX NEW !
Cigarette: cigarette .purple. N326

lotd 143
lotd 143
On Patty
Skin: -Sorry.Asia- RURUTIA (AUGUST)
Lip: -Sorry.Asia- NAHM (pink) NEW !
Piercing: ~Pepper~ Piercing Star Plug NEW !
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Hazel - blondes
Nails: {*I <3 FashiOn*}Long Nail - Baby Pink NEW !
Jacket: [SG*] 4Minute - Jacket/ Black
Blouse: Maitreya Boyfriend Shirt - Pink NEW !
Sandal: [y] Liz GSP

martedì 16 agosto 2011

LOTD 142#

Hair: [e] Changes - Rainbow Colours NEW!
Skin::GP: Petal Frex [Light] Airhead-Pure 1
Shape: .Pekka. Sweetie Shape NEW!
make up: .Pekka. Eyeliner + green/pink eyeshadow NEW!
piercing: .Pekka. Crankie piercing NEW!
Tattoo:SOURIRES - LoveHate TATTOO (Homme/Femme)NEW!
T-shirt:[JEM] Summer ends tunic stars -white- NEW!
leggins:{ birdy. } lep leggings purpleNEW!
bracelets: ~Pepper~ Bracelet FUCK ME  Hand e ARM NEW!
Shoes:**FJ** Shoes ZebraNEW!

lunedì 15 agosto 2011

LOTD 141#

Hair:RAW HOUSE :: Legend NEW!
hairface: RAW HOUSE :: Holy BeardNEW!
Piercing: .Pekka. Crankie piercing UNISEX NEW!
pants : [NV] SHOW OFF BAGGY -Used.was
necklace : [Acide!] & { Bridy. } Dans la peauNEW!
tattoo : AITUI TATTOO - Vintage Hawaii /Upper Body/
shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops

domenica 14 agosto 2011

LOTD 140#

hair: "LoQ Hairs" Frappe - Black
Piercing: .Pekka. Manipulate PIERCING NEW!
dress: Belote - Dress&Socks - M&MP-2NEW!
gilet: Gypsys! Leather vest (brown)NEW!
bracelets: ~Pepper~ Bracelet FUCK MENEW!
tattoo: SOURIRES - LoveHate TATTOO (Homme/Femme)NEW!
Bag: Gypsys! Leather clutch (brown)NEW!
shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Tan -

LOTD 139#

On Michele Matsuo:
hair : *Dura-Boys&Girls* 21(Black) NEW!
T-shirt : ...Scars... SKULL T White [Red rose] 
sunglasses :  HOC - Aviator style glasses #003 Male
ears :  ~Pepper~ Plug - devil medium 
pants : { Micoolie } Pants Parcoison Jeans Navy 
sandals : { Micoolie } Flip Flops Black-BIRKEN NEW!
skin :  LAQ ~ Daniel 06 - [Fair] Defined skin

On LuNaess:
T-shirt:  .:villena:. - B&R Love Tshirt NEW!
skirt: [ET] Mini Skirt ; cyan
piercing: .Pekka. Manipulate PIERCING NEW!
Bag: Izzie's - Leona Bag *tropical teal* NEW!
Tattoo: SOURIRES - LoveHate TATTOO (Homme/Femme) NEW!
braceletes: ~Pepper~ Bracelet FUCK ME  Hand NEW!
shoes: KristicA - Evgeniya ballet NEW!

venerdì 12 agosto 2011

LOTD 138#

hair: [e] Breeze - Carrot Reds
skin: :F: Alexandra . Fair . 05 NEW!
dress:.:Sticky fingers:.My sexy white dress NEW!
Bag: {*I <3FashiOn*} - Casual Bag NEW!
tattoo mounth: .Pekka. LICK ME NEW!
Tatto arms:v3 Tattoo - Love Me Hate Me - Packaged NEW!
Shoes:**FZ** Shoes Pinck and Blue NEW!

giovedì 11 agosto 2011

LOTD 137#

Hair:*Drot* - The Adam - Smoke NEW!
Shirt: =Zenith=Black Checker open Shirt(Male) NEW!
T-shirt:.:A&M:. Bicolor Tee (guys) Light Grey - Love 1NEW!
pants : "Nuxx"short pants_GRAYNEW!
shoes: Reek - Ikat Swell Sneaks - Fifty Linden Friday
Necklace: [NSD] The Rosary/Black PearlNEW!
tattoo : ***The Attic*** Fairy Tattoo NEW!
Tounge:***The Attic*** Razor Blade Tounge NEW!

LOTD 136#

Hair:[CheerNo] Hair MAX Dark
T- shirt:"Nuxx"Tshirt_WHITE NEW!
pants : BUID Tattoo Baggy pant V.4 NEW!
Shoes: Customizble Birraz Sneakers BLK prod
tattoo: [GLUE INK] *~ StAy GoLd GaNgStAh TaTtOo~* NEW!
Bracelets: ~Pepper~ Bracelet FUCK ME ARM NEW!

LOTD 135#

On kevhin: 
hair : [CheerNo] Hair MAX Dark
Tatto:Pekka. I love fucking all my bitches NEW!
tattoo arms: SOURIRES - Moonlight TATTOONEW!
pants : LooP *GiGa / jeans / pants / male NEW!
 Piercings : .Pekka. Smack Piercings UNISEX NEW!
shoes: : *ordinary* -Atelinae- (target)
tongue:  LooP *dollar tongue NEW!
On LuNaess: 
hair: [e] Changes - Rich Browns
   skin: *League* Sia Fair -Natural NEW!
    tongue:  LooP *dollar tongueNEW!
 Pants: LooP *GiGa / grey / pants / femaleNEW!
 tattoo: .Pekka. I like to play with knivesNEW!

mercoledì 10 agosto 2011

LOTD 134#

Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls 18(Black)
Piercing: Pekka. Smack Piercings UNISEX NEW!
Necklace: [NSD] The Rosary/Black Pearl
T-shirt: graph* koshimakiT(navy)
Pants:[SC] Surf Couture - Shack Shorts - Dark Blue
Tattoo: Buid Tattoo letters
Shoes:*FIR & MNA* The Twine Shoes FLF Pack 2
bracelets:Kari - Key cuff - Blue

LOTD 133#

Hair:TRUTH HAIR Gabriel -  black & whites
Skin:*League* Sia Fair -Natural NEW!
Tattoo1:.Pekka. Crazy BitchNEW!
Tattoo arms:v3 Tattoo - Love Me Hate Me NEW!
T-shirt: JANE - intrinsic GIFT!
skirt:Izzie's - Silk Skirt blueNEW!
Piercing: [Acide!] Pique la V2.1 Chain NEW!
shoes: **FZ** Shoes Black Whit Ribbon NEW!

martedì 9 agosto 2011

LOTD 132#

On Kevhin:
Hair: [LeLutka]-SETH hair/Dark Grayscale
piercing :.Pekka. Shadow Piercings UNISEX NEW!
T-Shirt: no name. Border Knit(Beige)
pants : UNDERGROUND* Velours shorts
2011/07/27 ~ 2011/08/10
Gacha loafers 8type
tatto : Buid Tattoo letters NEW!|

On LuNaess
Tounge: ***The Attic*** Razor Blade ToungeNEW!
Top:Izzie's - Beaded Top apricot NEW!
Short:Short Pant Vintage ads *Tea Time* NEW!
Tattoo1: .Pekka. Crazy Bitch NEW!
Tattoo: ***The Attic*** Zombie Tattoo Color NEW!
Shoes:**FZ** Shoes JewelryNEW!



LOTD 131#

Model Michele Matsuo: 
skin : *KENTO* Toban_T1 - Pure (hairbase_freckles)
piercing : [-iPoke-] Illuminati   ( old hunt )
shirt : =BLAST= undefeated tee
pants : BLAST baggy blust purple
watch : [SteinWerk] - Nightstalker Homme
tattoo : [arnadi] - Tattoo Hell Mex (v2 layer) ( old hunt )
shoes : [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads NEW!

Special thx to swag Steamer (=BLAST=) and Jasper Potez[ JP ]

lunedì 8 agosto 2011

LOTD 130#

Hair: [CheerNo] Hair MAX Dark
T-shirt: .:villena:. - Yeezy Tshirt NEW!
pants : [NV] SHOW OFF BAGGY -Used.wash-
shoes : *ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition
tattoo : AITUI TATTOO - Vintage Hawaii /Upper Body/
piercing :.Pekka. Shadow Piercings UNISEX NEW!
Necklace:- .HoD. - Mercenary Women's Necklace

LOTD 129#

hair:[YunA'sHAIR]-[YH]-00-GG-*jan*=BK1= GIFT!
Skin:-Sorry.Asia- Rurutia (AUGUST) NEW!
Nail:{*I <3 FashiOn*}Long Nail - PassionRedNEW!
Suit:Retro' - Texas JeansSuit whiteNEW!
Jacket:.:villena:. - leo jacket black-yellow 
Belt: Belt Brown/White *Tea Time*NEW!
Shoes:Pump Platform  blackorange abstract  *Tea Time*

domenica 7 agosto 2011

LOTD 128#

Hair:*Dura-Boys&Girls* 21(Black) NEW!
T-Shirt: *FIR & MNA* The Avoca Shirt Green
pants : [Iruco] Hemp pants (cream)
Shoes: *FIR & MNA* The Twine Shoes Green & White Guys

LOTD 127#

On LuNaess:
Hair:!lamb. Cinnamon - Snickers
Shirt:Maitreya Tucked-in Blouse - White Top 1
Pants:Maitreya - Acer Chino Dark-Grey
Nail:{*I <3 FashiOn*}Long Nail - Bubble Blue NEW!
Necklace:Cubesphere - Letters Necklace L / femalee NEW!
Shoes:Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Baby Blue NEW!

On Enrico:
Hair:*Dura-Boys&Girls* 21(Black)
shirt:**DP**yumyum shirt 06
pants : *ARAI* Chino pants 02_Light Baige
foulard: [ NERD.P ] Gacha loafers SKY
2011/07/27 ~ 2011/08/10
Gacha loafers 8type

venerdì 5 agosto 2011

LOTD 126#

Hair: [Anaphora]_Nikole_Jet
eyes:-Sorry.Asia- Whisper to me (blue)NEW!
piercing: [Acide!] AciduleSetS'Z NEW!
T-shirt:T-shirt Denim VintageCoca *Tea Time*NEW!
belt: Belt Brown/White *Tea Time*NEW!
Shorts:Short Pant mix colors Vintage *Tea Time*NEW!
Necklace:Gypsys! Dreamcatcher necklaceNEW!

giovedì 4 agosto 2011

LOTD 125#

Hair: Angel - Adam_Black NEW!
shirt:"NINIKOBOY"BIG SHIRTS(check-pink) NEW!
T-shirt:[ NERD.P ] vintage striped tee 01NEW!
pants: AMERIE M - Re_Loose pants_03 NEW!
Shoes: *ordinary* -Atelinae- (target)
socks: :sey 3line3set-PU_PI
tattoo : AITUI TATTOO - Vintage Hawaii /Upper Body/
ears &piercing : [Acide!] Mike & [Acide!] Pique la NEW!


mercoledì 3 agosto 2011

LOTD 124#

On LuNaess:
Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*19(Dark Brown) NEW!
piercing: [Acide!] AciduleSetS'Z NEW!
bikini: >>> REILA SKINS: Swimsuit 5NEW!
Necklace: Gypsys! Dreamcatcher necklaceNEW!
Short: - Spirit Store - Vadya shortsNEW!
Soes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
On Kevhin:
Hair:CheerNo] Hair ROMEU.2 BLACKS
T-Shirt:MAKNIE * Stripe tank hoodie (black)
pants : Spirit Store - Vadya shorts black unisexNEW!
shoes : Customizble Birraz Sneakers BLK prod
Socks:sey 3line3set-WH_BL
tattoo : AITUI TATTOO - Vintage Hawaii /Upper Body/


martedì 2 agosto 2011

LOTD 123#

Hair: (Milana) Willow - Dark Browns
Skin: ::F::Alexandra . Fair NEW!
Top: -paper.doll- Lola: Cream NEW!
Skirt: -paper.doll- Emma: Rosebuds-Base-LowerNEW!
piercing: .Pekka. Morzat Piercing NEW!
Tattoo: .Pekka. Words can't explain NEW!
Necklace: Gypsys! Indian necklace NEW!
Shoes: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - TanNEW!